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Monday, October 12, 2009

Can winter be postponed, like the Arena Football League?

Well, the main data server is down, but I still have internet access so... guess I'll blog a little. Beats staring at the wall or complaining about the server, which is what everyone else is doing.

I was sick all weekend. I was supposed to run a D&D game on Saturday, but stayed home and napped instead. The group still got together and started a new campaign. I told them I need to step away from gaming until I finish The Horns of Ruin, since that's due at the end of February. Don't like leaving a group, since gaming is so important to me, but I have to set up priorities. The campaign they're running in my absence is Pathfinder, btw, for those of you with such interests. I'm curious to see how they find it.

HoV's amazon number have been getting steadily better. There was the obvious baseline spike when it first dropped, but since then it's been tumbling. Over the weekend and today it's improved. Hopefully that's a sign of good word of mouth, since nothing has happened with its visibility. I'm doing some interviews in the next couple of months, too, so we'll see what kind of impact that has.

Also, I'm excited for Autumn, but dreading Winter. See what you can do about that, please.


At 9:50 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

I get more creative in the cooler, darker months. So I'm looking forward to that, at least. After last winter, I said I was going to become a creature of Summer. But that was a lie. Sunshine and I don't get along. Give me my coats and my hats, and the steady drum of rain on the skylight behind me.

At 3:28 AM , Anonymous Mike A said...

Yes, I always feel my creative powers surge around December/January time. Give me bare trees and cold clear skies over summer any day!

At 4:40 AM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

Let's define our terms, gentlemen. What you are talking about, around here that's Autumn. It lasts for about two weeks, and then is replaced by Winter. Winter means snow and wind and much much cold.

I LOVE Autumn. I am a creature of Autumn. Winter just sucks.

At 10:54 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

No, no, Tim, you're mixed up. Winter is when it rains lightly, temps get down in the 20s sometimes (BRRRR!) and once or twice it might even snow! You go out on the ferries for bracing runs across the gray sea, spotting killer whales and remote, verdant isles full of mystery and adventure, then tuck into a rich, fresh Americano with beautiful crema floating on top, from any one of dozens of world class coffee houses within a block of your office. Refreshing!

Oh wait, you live in Chicago. You sick, masochistic sonofabitch. Keep the cyanide handy.


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