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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mondays are monday

Busy weekend. My inlaws are coming to town, and that is always preceded by a furious round of cleaning and trimming and what have you. It's hectic. Add in the usual work madness and, well. Busy.

But on Friday I stopped by my local barnes & noble and they had the book in stock, so I signed their two copies and then went and had a beer. Very satisfying. There was a little while there that I wasn't sure HoV would make it onto US shelves at all, but now all the B&N's in the chicagoland area are showing copies on shelves, so that's good. Again, very few reviewers ever received copies, so this book is dropping out of the sky. Life.

So, inlaws, acquisition mailing for DSA, and then book, book, book. And book during those first two things, because Book! Sorry I'm rambling. Just one of those days.


At 4:25 PM , Blogger colin said...

Also, book.


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