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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Making your own day

It seemed like August 29, 2009 was a long way away. And practically speaking, it was. Since the first hint of interest I got from Solaris to today, it's been two years, three months. Something like that. And then it was a year spent writing the book, and most of another year going through edits and making plans for book two. And while I've been distracted by the Solaris business and have shifted my attention to Eva Forge, Veridon will always be my first book, and will always have a special place in my heart. I love that world, I love the characters, I love the themes and the visuals and just...everything. I want to write more of it. But mostly, I want people to read it and love it, too.

And today's the day that can start happening on a grand scale. It is my book day, the first day of my professional life, the last day of my excuses. There are days we remember because of what happened to us. There are days we hold close because of happenstance, of luck, of birth and death and memory. There are days that are important to us.

And then there are days we remember because we made them important, because we worked hard, we threw ourselves into each night, each page, each word because it's something we wanted. Because it was important to us. There are days we forge out of nothing but ourselves.

Today is that day. Today is my day.


At 5:41 PM , Blogger Matt said...

Woooooooot! And congrats. :)

At 7:15 PM , Blogger colin said...


At 8:30 PM , Blogger Daryl said...

I'm not sure how to act around a happy Tim.

But congrats, man.

At 7:31 PM , Blogger The Brillig Blogger said...

And if August 29 seemed a long way away, September 29 seemed even longer. Oh so very incredibly long away.


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