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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I think about junk mail

So I've been absent from here. This is a super-busy time at work, and I ended up at the office for a good portion of the holiday weekend. Hours have been long enough that my off-time is mostly spent staring at walls or, you know. What was I talking about?

I'm still managing to get out on Tuesday nights to write. I've had to abandon the handwritten manuscript thing, so that time has gone to typing in the stuff I've already written. Finished with Chapter Three last night. One more night like that and it's back to original material. Though honestly I've been sprinkling new text in as I go. Wrote a happy dialogue last night, or at least a dialogue that made me happy. It may be a little over the top, since it's mostly old men swearing at each other, but I can always tone it down later. There are some names in there I still don't like but again, they're just placeholders. All stuff that can be done or redone later, once the structure is down. Anyway. Book progress.

What else, what else. Flight and hotel booked for World Fantasy. Membership taken care of. Oh, and I'm going to be interviewed while I'm in San Jose. That should be entertaining.

And that line break represents a two hour meeting stuffed to the gills with math and schedules. So I'm going to go and let my head unknot. You take care, now.


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