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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The days advance

This is an unusually busy week at work, but I'm trying to touch base here as often as possible. It seems that people I *don't* know may actually be reading this thing, finally, so maybe I should be a little more...I don't know. Prolific? Something.

Secret spy technology has revealed that it looks like both Borders and Barnes & Noble will be getting copies of the book. Not very many copies, but I'll take a shallow yet wide distribution. Makes sell through easier, I tell ya what. So on the 29th, all ye faithful march can march into your local bookseller and hopefully buy a little slice of Veridon.

I've gotten some questions about whether Veridon has much of a future. The book was sold and written as the first in a series, but I wanted it to be able to stand on its own. With Solaris being up for sale, future acquisitions were obviously put on hold. That all happened a couple months after I had submitted an outline for book two, tentatively titled The Dead of Veridon. That book is not written, and may never be written. I'm hoping that at some point in the future I'll be able to revive the series, either with the new Solaris (if it gets purchased) or some other publisher. Unfortunately, I can't work on something just for the pleasure of working on it because my writing time is so limited. There are things I want to do with the narrative, though, and I really hope I get the chance.

In the meantime, as most of you know, I've sold the first book in what may be a new series to Lou Anders at Pyr. Everyone knows how much I admire Lou and what he's doing with the imprint, so I really couldn't be happier. The new book takes a lot of the elements I loved from Veridon and added in a lot of other stuff I also love. It's still early days (I'm on chapter five) so you'll get to hear me bitching about narrative entanglements and word counts for months to come. Lucky you.


At 9:56 AM , Blogger Matt said...

If tolerating more bitching means getting more books, then sign me up. :)

At 8:36 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

Then I'll definitely get mine from a bricks-and-mortar store. Will check the shelves and if they don't have it, I'll grab the nerdy chick in the SF section. "YOU DON'T HAVE THE TIM AKERS BOOK? JESUS CHRIST! YOU HAVE TO ORDER ME ONE! NO! TWO! ORDER TWO! OH, WHO DOES YOUR ORDERING, YOU PHILISTINES?!??"

At 3:54 AM , Blogger Phoenix said...

Now with Rebellion acquiring Solaris is there a future for the Veridon series?

At 11:11 PM , Anonymous Nicole said...

I can't wait to tell the tabloids, I remember Tim when.....

Congrats on the book! That is sooooo damn awesome. I'll be at my Border's on the 29th...


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