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Monday, March 03, 2008

No one ate my computer, at least.

I'm back to work today, having taken a week off to make some writing goals. I wanted to finish the first half of the book by end of February, and did so. It was a very productive week. I think the thing I liked best was the time I had. Usually I work all day, rush home, make dinner, eat, then rush off to my office for a couple hours of text time. I hardly see my wife at all. Any time I spend not writing or actively improving my homelife feels like wasted time. Last week I was able to enjoy some of my dusty old hobbies *and* spend time with my wife *and* work around the house *and* write an enormous amount. I can see why this appeals to some people.

I even went so far as to start kicking around ideas for the next book, as a break from this book. I need that variety sometimes. We'll see how everything goes.

But now I'm back at work, and really struggling to get back to that way of functioning. I was missed, but the place is still intact. Always a victory.


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