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Thursday, February 28, 2008

And for my next trick...

I just sent the first half of my book in. That's exciting. This is the first time I've sat down with this draft of the book and read it straight through, without any kind of mental editing or anything. Just reading. I was worried because it's been written in bits and pieces, and I wasn't sure if the plot held together, or if the voice changed dramatically. I think it did okay. I'm sure there are things I missed, and rough patches that will need to be smoothed over, but I'm content.

Now to sit back for a day or two and recover. Well. Maybe just the rest of today. Maybe I'll wait until after dinner at least.


At 3:00 PM , Blogger colin said...

Congratulations. Bask in the glory of it.

At 8:50 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

Get back to work, you lazy motherfucker! (Don't want colin spoiling you.)

At 8:54 AM , Blogger Psychophant said...

Congratulations. I am a bit concerned for the name similarity with Viriconium, but that is a moot point now.

Keep going, the unstoppable Shadoth juggernaut!

At 9:01 AM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

That's one of those odd circumstances. I came up with the name while on vacation in Wisconsin. I didn't learn about Viriconium until about a year later, and by then I'd already sold the four stories and started on the novel. We're gonna ride it out, see how it goes.


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