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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gold standard? Seriously?

Something about the way my foreign rights work, and an upside to the weak dollar: First of all, and downside, though. My advance was paid in US$, so the boys in Nottingham are getting a deal. That's fine with me, since it's the same advance I'd get from a US publisher, and maybe it helped them decide to take a chance with me. My royalties, though, are determined by a percentage of cover price. This means that books sold in the UK (and, my god, Canada, what is the world coming to?) are worth more to me per sale. And as the dollar slips, the more those sales are worth. So. Hooray. Now if we can get around inflation, everything will be keen. Double your threat range.

One of my best friends gave her two week notice yesterday, and will be moving to Idaho in order to be near her brother and his family. She'll be freelancing and working on her book. So. Jealous. But I'm happy for her.


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