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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm a Lit major, people. Data's a hobby.

Over the weekend I went to the xmas party of one of my clients. Complicated, because my wife used to work there and still does a lot of freelance work for them, and sometimes people leave my company and work there, and some of my good friends work there and we play poker together on a semi-weekly basis, but mainly complicated because they are a *huge* client of mine, like 60% of my company's income and you have to be careful what you say and blah blah blah. So it's always kind of stressful but also kind of fun.

One of the people who recently left my company and now works for this other company is my *heh* boss, as in the guy who just got bought out and was the source of so much trouble. Complicated? Yes. Awkward? Sure, why not. But we had a polite conversation and everyone was happier for it. Also? One of their HR people asked me if I was thinking of leaving my current employment, wink wink. That's nice, to be wanted, but I would pretty much never work there because they have a horrible corporate culture and strange ideas about communication and parity and all that. But still, nice.

Then, today, I have this meeting. I'm off all week, but one of Jen's clients wants to talk to me about data stuff. This guy also happens to be a client of mine again, a printer, but they recently added their own mail shop, so we don't do much for them. So we meet at a local coffee shop and I talk him through his data problems (not much to it) and at the end of the meeting he asks "So, you ever think of leaving that place?"

This guys no slouch, understand. I'd work for him in a heartbeat, but I've made certain promises at work, and I tell him that I'm here for at least six months. I'm giving them that long to straighten some stuff out. But he said, Well, call me in six months if you want. We'll always have a place for you.

So there you have it. Two offers in four days, and I'm not even looking. What I *want* to do is write all the time. What I seem capable of doing is data, and that well enough to be in demand. That's life.


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