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Monday, December 03, 2007

Push that cart

Back to work. Apparently there are two furnaces for the office, and one of them is off. Not working. So I'm cold, and my hands are stiff. No fun. But it was pretty slow here in my absence, so all is well. No clients fired us, no one quit, the walls are all still in place.

Got a nice review of a story I wrote three years ago. That's always a nice bit of sunshine in the midst of random work. It's stacking up to be a busy year. I like busy years.

So little to talk about. Uh, we had an icestorm? I drove around in it, because I have priorities and fear ain't one of 'em. And I had places to be. And it really wasn't much of a storm. Really. This is Chicago, people.

Man. I wish I was at home, wrapping up a morning of writing with an hour of Starcraft before lunch. With my wife. Work sucks.


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