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Monday, November 26, 2007

My calendar is IRRESPONSIBLE

I hope that everyone had a pleasant and non-stressful thanksgiving. I spent part of the day crawling through the tiny attic over our addition with my father-in-law, trying to pinpoint a leak in the roof. Found it! But it comes down to loose shingles and we're going to have to get a roofer out here. So there's that.

Vacation time at my office is weird. I get a lot of days, but those days include my sick time, and also I never take time off or get sick. And I've been at the company a long time (sniffle) so I get a lot of days. Which I never use. So every year around the middle of november, I have to find some way to use the majority of my days without being gone at the specific times that I can't be gone, and without treading on anyone else's time off, because they're usually visiting family or something, whereas I'm just sitting at home, fixing things and writing.

So I have this week off. I was supposed to take off the first two weeks of December, but management didn't feel like they could handle me being gone two weeks straight. Yeah. So it's this week, then the second week of december. Sitting and writing. I need to plan my time off next year better, because even moving the maximum number of days into next year, I'm still losing three days randomly. The suck.

And, you'll notice, I'm not writing. Had to get some stuff done around the house, first, and now it's lunch time. But I'm hoping, after lunch, to get some words down. Cuz I have this deadline, see, the first week of january. Wouldn't want to dis the new hotness.

That's all for now. I'm having a chicken sandwich on toast, and a tomato sandwich. Then words.


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