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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Windycon is set

Windycon is this weekend, and I finally have my schedule. It's light:

1) I'll be reading from The Horns of Ruin on Saturday at 11am, in the Walnut Room

2) Writing Despite the Day Job - Saturday at 4pm, in Lilac D

So it's a light weekend. Which is good, because re: item #2 up there, I have a book to write. And a day job.


At 5:48 AM , Blogger Amity said...

Psst - I have a thank-you to send you, but lo, there is no email, or PO Box, or web form, etc on your site that I can find. How else are you going to hear from fans at WFC?

At 6:28 AM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

This is because I don't really have fans. I have people I know, some of whom have read my book. That may change someday. No promises.

My email address is a gmail account, and the user name is shadoth. See how I did that cleverly, so the spam bots can't parse the addy? I'm brilliant.

At 6:50 AM , Blogger Amity said...

How can you know there aren't fans if they have no way to contact you ;) At the least, you've earned WFC groupies. We have to count for something.

You are quite clever. I love your disguised email. I'll have to remember that technique in the future.


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