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Friday, November 05, 2010

I will be Old + 1

A quick post to let you know that The Horns of Ruin will be part of a front of store promotion in Barnes & Noble facilities across the country from November 30th through December 13th. It is also important to note that one of those days is my birthday.

Buy me a present. Specifically, buy a copy of the book on one of those days. Pretend that whatever day you pick is my birthday. If you already have a copy (OMG THANK YOU!) then buy a second copy and give it to a friend. Or you could just archive the second copy, and when I come to your pathetic town on my eventual world tour (dates pending and largely imaginary) you can have me sign this pristine first edition of The Horns of Ruin, and tell me Happy Birthday. You may even sing Happy Birthday, if you feel it is necessary.

Bringing me cake might be taking it too far. But I will allow it.


At 4:14 PM , Blogger chiguay said...

Are you planning on coming to Seattle for a tour? I bought your Horns of Ruin for myself right before Christmas and just finished it, what a great read! I'd definitely buy an extra copy for you to sign if you came out here on tour. I'd like to see a lot more from you, I'm so sick of the stock licensed fantasy you see so much of now-a-days. Good luck!

Luke T
Seattle, WA

At 5:24 PM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

Sadly, I won't be touring. I'm a small enough author that the publisher won't spring for the ride, so I end up "touring" in places that I'm going to be anyway. But I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and if I get out Seattle-ways I'll be sure to post it here.

Seattle's one of my favorite cities, btw. Took my honeymoon there.


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