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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unless there are zombies. That's a different plan.

At management's insistence, I went to a seminar on the upcoming Intelligent Mail Barcode this morning. It was a beginner's course. I knew more about the transition than the presenter, who couldn't answer any of the audience questions. It was a waste of time. And you know what, I don't really want to know anything more about the IMB. I don't want to know about the specifics of the Move Update, or what I need to do to get our company in compliance for full service PostalOne! processing. I don't care how you create a mail.dat. I want out. Thank you.

The plumbing inspection on the bathroom failed yesterday. That's technically pushed drywall back a day, but they showed up anyway and started installing everywhere except the shower. That's fine, and now the plumber is doing his compliance repairs. Hopefully the second inspection will go better.

I finally had a good session of writing last night. I can't imagine how much production I could manage if this were what I was doing during the day, rather than what I was doing for an hour after dinner when I'm tired, or during lunch in this incredibly uncomfortable office.

I have a plan in my head of how this year is going to go. It isn't what I had in mind a month ago, but it's a good plan. Just a lot of work, and work I wasn't expecting. Gears I didn't think I would be engaging. Anyway. It's what I've got.


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