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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't tell me about next season. I don't want to hear it.

We lost the science fiction channel when Comcast moved it from whatever flavor of cable we have to some other flavor that we weren't paying for. We didn't follow, as perhaps they were hoping we would. At the time the only show we were watching on the channel was the reinvention of BSG. I have to admit being a little pissed to drop the show halfway through a season, but whatever.

Years later, I finally got the DVDs for christmas. We took a break in our marathon of West Wing to pick up the BSG thread, and I've generally been pleased with that decision. We're into 2.5, and last night was the first time I turned to my wife and said "That wasn't a good episode." That's a pretty high success rate. Then again, it was a really bad episode. The writing was lazy, the plot came pretty much out of the blue, it didn't feel authentic to the characters. It felt like someone else unattached to the show wrote it for a different series, then changed all the names and submitted it to BSG. Pure filler.

You'll earn more hate from me with a little bad writing than you'll earn love for a pile of good writing. I always expect your best. If it isn't good enough, don't air it. If it's not in you, if you're not feeling it this week, don't submit it. Take a pass. Or learn to write on a schedule. I don't care. Just write better than that.


At 1:37 PM , Blogger colin said...

Indeed. I came to a grinding halt at a string of bad episodes in 2.5.

I'm still watching it, though, slowly.


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