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Monday, March 23, 2009

At least it's raining again

My wife is reading a themed anthology at the moment, and we got to talking about it over breakfast on Sunday. She expressed...frustration at one of the stories, and I asked "Who's the author?" She didn't know. The author is everything, I said. Doesn't matter if you like stories of a particular type, the author is going to bring their own particular style to it, and if you don't like that style you're not going to like the story. So I went and got the anthology and we looked up the author. Sure enough, one of the people on my long list of authors I won't tolerate. One of the people I blame for the resurgence of lazy genre writing. Lazy in that particularly clever, literary, completely lacking a plot kind of way. It was good to have a blind sample confirm my own bias.

Got a lot done this weekend, but none of it was writing. Well. Very little. But having the one bathroom demoed means that we're down to one toilet, so I spent parts of Saturday and Sunday disassembling and then reassembling our third toilet. I'm not good with tools. I'd rather not tell you what happened when the top came off the intake valve stack. It involved water. We also had to buy the door knobs for our new cabinetry, and towel racks and whatnot. Much driving, and walking, and comparing similar colored knobs. I recommend avoiding oil rubbed bronze. It's hard to match, and if the match isn't good enough it looks really weird. And I got to watch some basketball.

So that was my weekend. I'm going to try to make a better go of it this week. D&D on Saturday, and I need to gather my thoughts and write out some encounter cards and stuff.


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