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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I will be on my game.

This is what arrived in the mail yesterday. It's marketing material that goes out to book buyers for the various distributors and stores. It's pretty exciting. Yes? Very yes. On the back is a bunch of marketing info, like the ISBN number, release date, page count, carton count and some bullet points about how cool it is and how Solaris is throwing a lot of their marketing weight behind it. I'm very, very excited.

Last night I was working on the typeset edits at Starbucks (I needed to get out of the house) when I did some calendar math and had, shall we say, a *moment*. I've heard a couple release dates for the book, ranging from August to October, but Amazon has the book dropping on August 3rd, and the marketing copy on this card says August as well. Swell. It's looking like August.

You know what else happens in August? Worldcon. August 6-10. So my book will drop on the Monday, and then I'll be in Montreal on Thursday. At Worldcon. So...yeah. I'm kind of nervous about that. Nervous in that excited way, when you realize that there's this specific point in time, this *weekend* that could really make or break your career. Well, I don't think I could break it, but it could be the difference between nominal success and kicking ass. All of the ass.

So that'll be a weekend. Something to remember, I suspect.


At 5:46 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

The ass doesn't stand a chance. It is so kicked.

Poor ass.


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