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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To be fair, I've never seen a clockwork god, and I write about those all the time.

Snowing again. I keep two bookmarks on my browser - one for the weather here in Wheaton, and one for the weather in Seattle. I keep going between the two on days like this, trying to convince myself that it must be a very *unpleasant* 51 degrees and cloudy. Certainly much worse than our lovely 30 degrees and snowing. I will do this more frequently in February.

Yesterday I got the sketches for the cover art for HEART OF VERIDON. Very satisfying. I won't tell you who the artist is just yet, but let's say I'm quite happy. Oh, and I finished the copy edits on HoV, so I'm done. I'm done, right? I can never tell. I'm saying I'm done until something else comes up, and just focusing on the next book. That's what I'm doing.

It's a peculiar feeling, I'll tell you.

Richard Morgan said something in an interview recently. He said that people shouldn't be freaked out by all the sex in his books, because it's perfectly normal sex. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "The sex I write is, by and large, the sex I've had."

There's nothing really I can say about that. He did point out that it was a great deal less unhealthy to write about fantastic sex than to write about fantastic violence, and I tend to agree. I suppose my writing reflects who I am, which is to say it's awkward and unfocused and much too worried about making a fool of itself to be all that interesting.

SQL is going well. This is going to be more a matter of getting the syntax down than anything else. And I'm learning new stuff. It's nice to be engaged at work.

Okay, I guess that's all. My work day is done, and I'm just sitting around waiting for the office to close so I can go home. Waiting and watching the snow pile up, though to be honest it hasn't really started doing that yet.


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