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Monday, November 17, 2008

A well named convention

Windycon is always the last convention of the year for me. It's pretty much in my back yard, so I'd have to have a really good excuse to not go. Unfortunately this year's theme was Military SF, and while I was a fan enough of that when I was a kid, my tastes have changed. Most of the panels just didn't interest me. I don't think I've spent more time at a con just wandering around aimlessly, trying to find something engaging.

That said, I did a lot of that wandering with good people. Jim Hines and Tobias Buckell are agent-mates, and always worth a good conversation. I also talked a lot to Trey Thoelke (I hope I got that right) from my writer's group. Much good talk. Much happy.

Next year's theme is Steampunk, though. This would be just two months after my breathtaking and genre destroying steampunk thriller decimates all sales estimates and changes the way readers even *think* about books. I'm planning to own the convention. And I mean that literally. I have high expectations of my sales numbers.

Also, it is winter now. I barely even had autumn this year. I like autumn. I don't want to go into too much detail, but Autumn. All the time. Now please.

What else, what else...

I have decided against Clarion, simply because it would be all networking. I go to cons. I network. Whatever knowledge I gain would not cover my expenses. Not that I think I've peaked as a writer, just that I think my best way forward is to *write*. It's nothing personal Clarion. I still think you're beautiful in the moonlight.

Okay then. Get back to work, you.


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