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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now with non-writing content!

I'm writing this story, and now I'm worried that it falls into one of those stereotypical, we toss 'em before we read 'em categories that only editors seem to know about. But I'm happy enough with the story so far, so I'm just gonna keep writing. This is the first time I've written something that wasn't already sold in...almost three years? Two and a half? Something like that. Hell, it's the first non-Veridon thing I've written in four years.

Can I please talk about something else now?

We're going to redo our bathroom, the one upstairs. While I was in Calgary my wife punched a hole in the shower wall. While *cleaning*. It's an old tub, and the last owners made everything white and kind of ugly. It tells you a lot about us that we've been in the house nine years and we're only just getting around to fixing this. What can I say? I live inside my head.


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