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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So what's been going on here

A couple weeks ago I came to...let's call it a breaking point. Things were bad. I was bad. My wife and I sat down and we decided I really, really needed a new job. I contacted one of my clients, really the only one of my clients I'd be willing to work for. Initially they indicated that they weren't hiring, purely economic stuff. However, they said, we really want to work with you so send us your c.v. and we'll talk to HR, let's see what we can figure out. A couple weeks of conversation followed, back and forth.

I was hopeful. I honestly believed that they were going to make an offer. Everyday I came to work, I only made it through because I knew that by the end of the year I would be turning in my resignation.

As inevitably happens with me, it came to naught. There are too many variables right now, they've lost too many clients, they have personnel issues that are in the air and equipment needs that must be addressed. My contact and I are going to be in touch every couple of weeks, mostly to make sure I'm still sane and still interested, and to keep my updated on their progress. So it may still happen. Just not this year, probably not until deep into next year, maybe not at all. It depends. Everything depends.

So I've been the hell down. Honestly I think this cold is something of a blessing, because all today I've just been in a fog. Can't really think about anything significant when you're tripping Dayquil, now can you? It's not like I can't pay my bills, or write at night. I just want something more than looking forward to Friday. Friday ain't all that.


At 9:00 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

Chin up, old man. Keep looking and you'll find something. It certainly does sound like you need to move on from there.


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