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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brutal Surgeon (A term I added to the book)

My god, I've finished the line edit revisions. I'm glad I went through the whole book one more time, because I found a bunch of remnants from the last big revision. It was nice to dust through the book and make tiny adjustments. I'm happy.

And now I'm going to put it aside for a while and let my editor take the next step. Probably won't do any more work until next week, because I've got a D&D campaign on Saturday. Should look over my notes.

Meanwhile, I read an interview with Richard K Morgan over at io9. I'm a big Morgan fan. He said some interesting things about noir that I hadn't really sat down and cogitated, and it's going to have an impact on the next book. But for now I'm just going to sit around and be mellow.


At 3:00 PM , Blogger colin said...

That's io9.com with a period, not a comma. :p

You could also link directly to the interview. Especially since it has quickly sunk from view under a sea of alien crotch-kicking videos and ruminations about Sara Palin super-heroine Halloween costumes.

He sounds like an interesting fellow. I should read some of his books, I should.

At 1:11 PM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

Yes, you should. There are none of them I *can't* recommend, tho Market Forces is the...least mainstream? Most brutally insightful? Lemme steer you to Altered Carbon first, or maybe Thirteen. Both great reads.


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