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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is officially The Closing. The respectable partners are somewhere off-site, signing papers and handing over mind-dazzling checks. It's the end of a fairly stressful thing, and we're all happy that it's over. Of course, there are problems.

There were two sides to this ordeal, of course, and the one thing that the losing side had going for it was the personnel purge. If they had gotten the company they were going to go through a fire everyone who was a liability. The downside, and the thing that lost them my support, was that they were then going to replace those people with family members. Right.

The upside would have been the removal of my coworker. He's an idiot, and he gets away with stuff only because he's the best friend of one of the owners. Oh, wait, it's closing day, now he's the best friend of the owner. Right.

I guess we're going to learn to live with it. I only bring it up because I just had to talk down one of the CSR's from quitting because this guy was being a dick. When this was all unwrapping, it was understood that ownerguy and I would sit down and have a talk about this fellow. I guess we better get to that talk.


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