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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wordcount! Brought to you by caffeine and desperation

Okay, let's be honest. Progress is progress. I've spent a lot of time at the front end of this book dithering about how the plot is going to be formed, how it's going to differ from what I originally proposed (God) almost two years ago. The simple answer is that I submitted the second book in a series, and what I'm writing is the second book in a trilogy. Significantly different things. Plus I didn't want to handicap this book by requiring absolute knowledge of the first one. That's more stylistic than structural, but still. It required some thinking.

And then I remembered how I felt when I finished Heart of Veridon. Tired, sure. Ready for a break from the constant writing grind. But I was so comfortable in the voice and with the trickiness of plotting that particular kind of story that I remember thinking "I could just sit down and write another one of those right now. No problem."

And then two years passed.

But I've got that feeling again. I've put down 3300 words in the last two days. I've learned to stop questioning every decision I make in the plot, and just write. I can fix things later. God knows I did a pretty significant rework on HoV. Even The Horns of Ruin (first book of the upcoming Eva Forge thing) required some architectural work at the end. But right now? I'm writing. And it feels good.

Oh, and sometimes I complain about work on here. I'll do that again soon, but let me give you a brief idea. When I was a vendor for this company, I couldn't fathom some of the decisions they made. When it became clear that I had to jump from my last job (or a bridge. metaphorically, of course) and that this place was my best option, I convinced myself that all of that was probably just distortion from an outsider's view. And when I first started, well, there were a lot of things that pleased me. Most of them were things that stood in stark contrast to my last job, as in "people care about their work" and "each other".

Anyway. I was right the first time. This place is fucked.


At 3:22 PM , Blogger Daryl Gregory said...

Congrats on the wordage. Also, on returning to the dirge-like job analysis I know and love. A non-fucked-up job would only mess with your fiction career.

At 7:35 PM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

I aim to please. I can't imagine it's pleasant to be around me all that much these days, but hey. Writing first.


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