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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Usually solved by drink

A better day today, due mostly to my headphones. Social interaction is overrated. And the php is progressing nicely. So much I don't know! And what will probably happen is that I'll get kind of good at this and then they'll hire someone who actually knows what they're doing and then I'll never use those skills again. That's consistent with my life cycle so far.

I almost bought the first issue of Scott Pilgrim last night. I feel like I should at least be aware of this thing, but picking it up after the series is done and it becomes familiar to the mainstream makes me feel a little... artificial? I don't know. Would reading it after it became popular lessen my enjoyment of it? I can't be all kinds of nerd all the time, you know.

I probably overthink this stuff. That's why I can't dance, too. Overthinking.


At 3:05 PM , Blogger Thomas said...

Purchased and read HoV and just pre-ordered Horns via Amazon. Hoping your doing well and I will be awaiting DoV.

A Random Fan,


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