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Monday, March 01, 2010

Returning from the Bunker

It was getting dusty in here. Sorry about that.

Basically, I've spent the last two months bunkered in my office, writing The Horns of Ruin. There were a lot of false starts with this book, as there were with Heart of Veridon. Difference was, by the time I got my head wrapped around the issues involved I was done to a handful of months, rather than most of a year. That's my fault, caused partly by my new job, but mostly a lack of focus.

All that aside, I finished the first draft of the book on Saturday. I've just learned that the publisher wants it in quite solid form (which it is not currently) in a week, so I'm grinding the reread for the rest of the week. Oh, and I was so looking forward to some downtime. Maybe next week?

Oh, and we've decided to build a house. There is a lot, which is mostly mud. There are blueprints. Some process of money and wisdom will move us from this state to something we can live in, hopefully sometime in the Fall. Last night I went through my office and culled five boxes of books for Goodwill. That was the light touch. The serious purge will happen later, when we move things into storage for the interim.

Don't have hobbies. That's all I can say. They take up space and money, and just weigh you down. Either that, or never move. Or move every year. It's the only way.


At 1:35 PM , Blogger colin said...

Congrats again on finishing the draft. Too bad about the rushed re-read.

And moving house, too? You do like to keep your life simple.

At 2:06 PM , Blogger Fimb said...

MrsK from WGB here..

Came looking for a link to your short stories, but seems the link is dead (well, the hosting maybe!). Bought my brother a copy of Heart of Veridon, and he rang tonight asking if you'd got anything else you'd written as he enjoyed it so much!
He stated it with some trepidation, as steam punk isn't really his kind of thing, but he said he enjoyed it hugely and really liked your writing style.. it kept him guessing and trying to work out where it was going, only for it to go in a totally different direction. You have a fan!

At 8:10 AM , Blogger Psychophant said...

Congratulations on getting the draft under way.

But I wonder, without hobbies, what would we be? Hobbies, like friends, you can choose, unlike family and job.

At 8:15 AM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

MrsK - Don't let this get to be public knowledge, but steampunk isn't really my thing, either. Especially don't let my marketing guys know. They're crazy for that stuff.

Psycho - My hobby comment stemmed from a day spent dusting, organizing and then packing about a thousand pots of paint and plastic miniatures and more Magic cards than is rational. I *am* my hobbies. They're just a bitch to move around.

At 12:51 AM , Anonymous Nicole said...

New house? New job? At least you're already married. So what's your drug of choice? I can slip you some of my Cymbalta if you need it! Mom could mail you some Zoloft. A happy family is a well medicated one. :D


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