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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Plumbing, Writing, and the eternal complaint

Well, the shower is now functional. The tiles weren't properly affixed on the floor, and water was getting down there and washing out the grout. They had to tear out part of the floor and re-tile it, but everything seems to be working properly. I'm relieved.

This year is going by so quickly. I had expected to be most of the way through the second Veridon book by now. There are obvious reasons that hasn't happened, but I'm having serious trouble starting this other book. I keep changing my mind about it. I must have written chapter one three different times, for three entirely different books. The problem is that none of the things I've written so far particularly interest me. That's no good. Too many other frustrations and distractions to really settle down. Doing this as a second job really is kind of a bitch.

Anyway. It's May. Three months until the UK release. And since the US release isn't until the end of September, it's practically five months until I'll see it on local store shelves. What can I do in five months?


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