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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He has a visual

I forgot my glasses today, so I probably should be spending as little time staring at this screen as possible. I should be sitting in a dark room with my eyes closed while the knots in my irises uncoil. But I don't think anyone believes that'll happen. Anyway.

I'm beginning to see that a lack of local friends is kind of important for the writing thing. I mean, if I didn't have the day job I could probably manage a social life, but it's not practical in the current situation. You really have to abandon everything in the name of a good book, and that's not easy. A habit I have to get back into, sure, but a habit that I remember not being very pleasant. Maybe that's what's getting in my way. We'll see.

A cool thing: Randy Pausch was on the bridge of the USS Kelvin.


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