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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

You wait a week, and for what? Rambling.

So. A week and a half, huh? You'd think I was a busy guy or something, the way I treat you people.

Finishing the book was nice, and unexpected. I ended up cutting out part of chapter 19, transferring what I had of 20 into 19, edited it down to a realistic length and then wrote chapter 20 and the epilogue. Then I played videogames all day Saturday, took a nap on Sunday, and went to the parade on Monday. Various other stuff, too, but nothing constructive. It was nice.

Part of last week went to that synopsis I mentioned. It's for a short story thing, and I have to be honest, I've never done a synopsis for a short story before I've written word one. We'll see if it helps. Oh, and I also got the contract for a short story for another anthology, so that's all cool. It's always nice to discover that your publisher pays better than you expected.

Nothing much else going on. On Friday I printed out the novel and started reading. I'll reserve comment on that until the first-readers get back to me. I don't want to unduly influence people one way our another. I'm going to have a busy rest-of-month, though.

I'll be at Duckon next weekend. It's my first con where I have panels and a reading. I don't really expect anyone to show up to the reading, but I'm practicing the first chapter all the same.

Yeah, okay. That's about it. Let's all have a good game, good hustle, get out there and show these boys what you're made of. And remember, it's not the winning or the losing. It's the hustle.


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