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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well. I hear they're hiring.

So, it's been a complicated week. In conveying the details of the last couple days to my parents, my wife, etc, the word that I've been using most frequently is "delusional." Oh, and "horrific" but in a slightly different way.

The thing with the buyout has resolved, sort of. The final closing is Sept 20, but everything is on track. We ended up with the better of two uncomfortable choices. Going to be a stressful month because the guy who got bought out is still in the building.

Here's what surprised me. The announcement was yesterday. The buyee seriously thought, up until the buyer handed him the letter of intent, that he was going to get the company. Now, it was pretty obvious to everyone else that the company wasn't going to him, but he didn't see it coming. I talked to him at the end of the day yesterday and asked him "So, what have you planned for the next thing. Where are you going from here." And he said "Oh, uh. Nothing. Hadn't really planned anything."

Really? You went into this 90 days ago, every indication was that the company wasn't going to you, and you didn't even *consider* your next step? Nothing at all?

You know what he's going to do? He's going to sell his house, the house that he had built for his family three years ago, because he can't afford it even if he had kept the company and certainly can't afford it now that he doesn't have a job. "I'm thinking about just getting a job at Lowes," he says. "For the insurance."

He's going to go from owning his own company to straight retail slub because he didn't think through the transaction. You see why I didn't want this guy to win?

Anyway. One more month, at the most, and then it's just business. There are going to be a lot of complications built into that as well, but they're active problems, problems that I can engage and overcome. Rather than problems that I have to just sit and stew about.

How you?


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