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Monday, August 27, 2007

Some kind of cycle, ending

Well, got official word that my story "The Algorithm" will be appearing in Interzone 212. That's the last story I've sold, and there aren't any more in the hopper. So a moment of introspection, if you don't mind.

In a lot of ways I feel like the early Veridon stories were experimental. I had this idea of a place in my head, and I wanted to bang around in that place for a while and see what came out. While all of those stories sold and are published, I don't necessarily think of them as being the canonical texts of Veridon. What I wanted the place for, what I wanted it to do and say and be, has changed in the three years (I had to go look that up) since I first started writing it. A lot of thrashing about in the narrative, for me. But I think it's settled down.

Anyway. I hope you all enjoy 212 when it comes out. I hope the world enjoys it. These stories have been appearing for a year and a half, now, and I don't feel like they're making much of a psychic impact on the genre. It's like dropping water through a net, sometimes. Just another hurdle to get by. Another hole to fill.


At 12:16 PM , Blogger colin said...

I know I liked it.

Psychic impact is a hard thing, isn't it? I wonder how much psychic impact William Gibson thought was happening with "Fragments of a Hologram Rose," or even "Burning Chrome." And it may be even harder for you, now, than it was for him. I get the impression that he was bursting onto an SF scene that was, in large part, failing to challenge the reader. What I see in today's SF, at least in some places, is the pendulum swung the other way, where challenging the reader, or weirding them out, is almost the only thing being done. Hence the new weird, "this one sees with its teeth."

I see hints in the stories of Veridon of what it might be, and it looks different, and interesting. I'm looking forward to the novel.


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