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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why content sometimes has to die

I feel like I should explain why I deleted that last post. I'm not so concerned with burning bridges, to be honest. I'm past the point of worrying what people here think of me. I'm polite to them, but that's all. No, I deleted it because my boss wasn't supposed to say anything to me, and there were legal implications. Any kind of tampering with personnel leading up to or during the buyout negotiations could lead to lawsuits. If K had told me he was buying Z out, and I quit because of that...much trouble. And there was concern that if Z found out K *had* told me (along with some others) the lawsuits might roll anyway. That's the kind of situation it is. But now people know who knew what and when, so I'm free to discuss. Not that I think people at work read this space, but I'm a safer than sorrier kind of guy.

Some thoughts about the situation. Mostly I'm concerned because there's really no way to win this exchange. No matter which of them takes control of the company, things are going to get worse. And they're both making a play for ownership, so it's going to come down to credit ratings and financial negotiations. A messy divorce where neither parent has enough income to stay above the poverty line. It's bad mojo.

My own escape plans are necessarily limited. My skillset has evolved into a very narrow band. I can do direct mail. The knowledge doesn't translate well, because the industry uses legacy systems. The reports I produce can't even be printed out, dig. I have to manually set the characters per line, lines per page, and then type mailreport.rpt > lpt1. You understand?

And I really don't want to do direct mail anymore. It's boring. So this fall I'm going to start working on some sort of SQL certification. I love databases, and it seems like an applicable knowledge. But that's this Fall. Between now and then, we have to sit around and watch things fall apart. Cool.


At 7:44 AM , Blogger José said...

You can consider it as inspiration/background for your writing. You are not looking at things fall apart. You see how things fall apart so you can write about it.

Nothing like personal experience.


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