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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I like days like this.

Dog's okay. We took her to a specialist today, had a very thorough ultrasound...all is well. Her spleen is a little big, but it's well within tolerances for a German Shepherd of her...ahem...maturity. Thanks for ye mojo, mes amis.

There's job news, too, but I can't really talk about it for a week or so. We'll see.


At 5:27 PM , Blogger colin said...

Let's hear it for the big spleens!

Good news. May she continue to play good ball for a long time.

I hope the job news is good, too.

I'm rushing home now to try and make some progress on my novella. I figure if I make 20k soon I will be able to say I am not totally, utterly your bitch.

At 5:37 PM , Blogger colin said...

And in addition (although I'm not very familiar with this mythos): I appear to be in Ravenclaw as well.

Oh dear...

At 1:01 PM , Anonymous Scott Janssens said...

Glad to her the pooch is ok. Hope the job news is good too.

At 9:59 AM , Blogger colin said...

Content goes missing! I presume you thought better of it. (Best not burn all your bridges quite yet?)

At 10:01 AM , Blogger Tim Akers said...

Something like that. Hey, I'm going to start taking some classes in SQL. Any thoughts?

At 11:31 AM , Blogger colin said...

SQL? Squid Quantity Legislation? Synchronous Quark Licking?

Ah, seriously, I taught myself a very little basic SQL roughly 12 years ago, and haven't used it much since. Le ArkanGL would probably have more tips...


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