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Depressing and happy things Tim says, sometimes while drunk

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sometimes sleeping wears me out

First off, here's this week's hair picture. Smiling doesn't make it any better.

Also! The dreams I had last night were kind of weird. First I dreamed that I was rock, old cold black rock smeared with a thin layer of meat. When I lay down the rock would settle through the meat and poke through. There was something about the rock singing, too, but that was kind of difficult to remember. Then I dreamed I was back in high school, during my theater days. The stage was pretty much the only place I remember being comfortable in high school. I knew my lines, I knew where I was supposed to stand, I knew what people would say back to me when I talked to them. It was like an hour long, non-interactive social life, every night for two weeks. So last night I dreamed about the stage, and people laughing at the things I said, and the crowd thinking "This is Tim? Tim Akers? Huh."


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