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Monday, October 09, 2006

Confessions, Revelations, Kicking Ass

First the confession. I play Magic: The Gathering. Competitively. Ahem.

I say this because I had a good day Saturday, and part of that goodness was Magic related. I'd feel silly saying I had a good day without full expanding on all the good stuff. Anyway. There was a release tournament on Saturday, and I won. This is good because Limited (this is where you just open five packs of cards and make a deck out of the randomness) is tough for me. I usually go 0-2 drop or 1-1-1 drop or something like that. But I went 4-0, and in fact didn't lose a single game in my four matches. Swept. Very gratifying.

The goodness continues. Winning got me ten packs. That's nice, getting free cards for having fun. But one of the cards I pealed was Psionic Blast, one of the chase rares for this set. That bitch is worth $25, and the tournament only cost $20. And you get to keep the five packs you used for your deck, so that's 15 packs (225 cards) for free, and I'm up $5. And I had fun, which is really the part that's most important. And I won. Winning is fun.

Then I came home and opened my email, and found out that Interzone bought another story. This is because I am awesome. I am awesome, and my awesomeness is becoming worldwide. I am rocking the set. Yo.

So that was Saturday. It was good.


At 6:41 PM , Blogger Splitcoil said...

Awesome people write serials for Dead Channel. It's an acknowledged fact. Paris Hilton says so. And you can't argue with anorexia and narcissism.

At 3:46 AM , Blogger ArkanGL said...

Awesome people play Magic.
They do!

Not all of them, though.

And not all Magic players are awesome either.

Why are things so complicated, I ask you...


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