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Monday, April 07, 2008

Angry enough, thanks

I've been riding a little rage-trip all day, sparked by office politics and fed by a steady drip of Nine Inch Nails and ohgr. Other stuff, too. Sometimes it's good to burn out the chaff and just let that anger roll through your head. Long as it doesn't stick around too long. I don't think I'd give it up.

I had an unusual discussion with my DM after Saturday's game. He and I are political opposites. Well, not completely, but our basic stances are radically different. What I've found, though, is if you sit down and talk with someone like that, and strip away all the partisan specific language, you learn that you're really pretty similar. Took us about an hour to get to that level, of course, but it was worth it. I have too many friends who refer to the other side as "monsters" or similar. How do you expect to get anywhere in a discourse if your opening line is "You're a backwoods monster." You don't, of course. You're just talking to express your opinion. You're not interested in compromise, or progress, or enlightenment. You're interesting in proving how right you are. You're interested in your monologue, not the dialogue.

Me? I'm interested in the conversation, and what we can do about tomorrow.


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