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Friday, March 16, 2007

I like to post about irrelevant things

What's been keeping me from posting, honestly, is that I couldn't think of anything relevant to say. I figure that just typing in line after line of "I hate my job" and "I wish I were writing" wasn't doing much to further the common good. It just doesn't feel like much is actually going on, especially compared to what's going on in the lives around me.

I suppose it's that hang up that keeps me from being a good blogger. Relevance. I read the blogs of people I don't actually know, people who are perfectly content to write all about the obscure minutae of their days, and I find this stuff fascinating. I guess that's what makes a good blogger.

Anyway, something that is interesting. John Scalzi has announced his candidacy for president of SFWA. I don't like SFWA. I think it's an old boys' club that does very little that's relevant. Scalzi seems to be putting his hat in the ring for that exact reason, so that's good. I don't have a lot of hope for him because, as I said, it's an irrelevant organization that seems to be smitten with a kind of paralysis of nostaligia. That's just the view of an outsider, obviously, but for an organization that is supposed to represent the literature of the future, they seem to be almost paranoid about change. I mean, look at their website! When was that written?