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Friday, September 13, 2013

Things End Sometimes

This is one of those times.

I'm going to have to pack it in on the full-time writer thing. The industry is terribly slow, and while I'm happy with what I have out there, the process of getting it in front of editors and from there to readers has just taken too long. It's been a good year and half, and I've gotten a lot done. I worked hard. But it wasn't good enough.

I'm still going to keep writing, but my days of high word counts are behind me for a while. I'll keep at it on the weekends, and nights, but I don't want to get back to that place where all I'm doing is dayjob/eat/write/sleep. That wasn't healthy.

Thanks for all your support, those of you who bought books and spread the word. Maybe I'll get back to this place at some point in the future. That's the kind of hope I have to hold out.

Now, do me a favor. Go read a book. A good one.


At 4:47 PM , Blogger Paul Weimer said...

I'm sorry to hear it, Tim. But yeah, you've got to eat.

At 11:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got it.


At 4:08 AM , Blogger Ryan said...

Totally understandable, even so... Hope to see a new one come out sooner rather than later. Loved the Bones of Version release.


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