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Monday, December 05, 2005

Damn straight

I'm going to dip out of the literary conversation happening below to talk about something irrelevant. You remember how I said "Ah, 15 degrees. That'll be warm someday." Of course you do. That day is today. This morning's temperature, as I tromped out to the garage, was two point three. Now, if I lived somewhere rural, this is exactly the sort of day where I'd put on the warm hat and the big boots, and go on a serious hike with my dog. Walk by some streams, listen to some birds. Laugh in booming clouds of ice. That sort of thing. Somehow, huddling from my car to the Kohls and then back just ain't the same.


At 9:17 AM , Blogger colin said...

We had frost this morning. Oooh. Brrrr.

At 12:03 PM , Blogger Bravus said...

I hears ya, Tim: 3 F here right now at noon, with a windchill of -17 F. No walks by streams for me, thanx very much... But I'll be in Brisbane next week, yay!

At 7:09 PM , Blogger Marshdrifter said...

Yeah it was cold here this morning as well. -12F. -20 or so with wind. My car kept giving me the turtle light.


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