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Thursday, September 15, 2005

ex nihilo shadothism

Well, I've decided to try to restart my blog. Problem is, my old blog has been consumed by ye blogger. So I'm starting a blog here. And then I decided to have the word 'blog' (or words with the word 'blog' as their root, c.f. 'blogger') appear in the first paragraph of my blog at least eight times. So there you have it. Eight blogs. Nine.

I have a cold. I rarely get sick, but I totally have a cold. The story I just finished writing involves a lot of mucus, and in the course of writing it my wife caught a cold, and now I've caught it from her. But I'd like to point out that I'm all ready almost done with my cold, whereas she's still pretty clearly sick. And this is because I'm a better person, and have a purer soul, and the mucus demons are uncomfortable in the cathedral of my lungs. My sinuses are holy ground, bitch.

Okay, okay. Seriously. Sorry about that. I tend to ramble. I'll stop now. For now.


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